!!! CHEFS !!!!
If we don't have what you need in our stock room, orders can take anywhere from a few weeks up to 2 or 3 months
to fulfill
(depending on the size of the order, whether we have to make it from scratch or just glaze our bisque).

Our process takes time!

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For trade, hospitality or wholesale accounts
please contact us directly
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Production time is anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks
(possibly more) depending on the size of the order
or if we have to make your items from scratch,
unless you pick from shapes we keep in stock
at the time of the inquiry (bisque only) ...
and all we need to do is glaze to your color preference.
This timing does not include shipping.

Thank you for your patience and understanding ...
and watch Humble Ceramics grow - one piece at a time.

Thank you for being part of this artist' s growing "L.A. story".

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Jun 13, 2018

Change is the only constant!

They say "change is the only constant" and that one must keep moving forward, adapt and re-calibrate to survive ...well ... here goes:

​ Time flies and we are getting closer to our annual Wabi-Sabi (seconds) sale (TBA in August). After doing the numbers, and facing the harsh reality of running a ceramics business in Los Angeles (with all that it entails), if we want to survive and thrive as a company, we have to streamline even more, making it necessary for us to do another clearance-event soon (don't know when/where/how just yet). The most successful companies have less than 10 products ... is that where we are heading? But I want to offer 10,000!!!! My creating self is fighting this with all its strength! Yet this is no longer a hobby, the lives and well being of my employees is more important, making this business succeed is more important than my ego and the inner-child who wants to throw a tantrum. It is hard, very very hard, I am sad as I write this because a piece of me is grieving the attachment to each of the pieces ... handmade w/ love and care ... thinking of all the resources and time that we spent on them. Even if I know better, a little piece of me is experiencing this as a failure, and I have to admit feeling a bit of shame around this process ... talk about humbling! I know each piece will be loved, and at the end of the day, they were created with the intention of creating a matrix of healing for the planet, and by making these pieces more affordable, the work will make many lucky souls happy and that gives me the strength to continue. I know it will make space for the best sellers, give us more space in the studio, it will be easier for inventory and organization ... but why is it soooo hard to let go?! I am now at the service of the business and have to set aside my creativity for the greater good. Going from childhood into adulthood, morphing from artist to business woman, having to adapt, again ... Stay tuned for more info and dates regarding these events ... 

Running a business can be such a soap-opera .... cue the violins please ... 

Thanks for reading. ​

FYI - On July 1, 2018, We will be raising prices on a few items. ​ ​ ​ 


Jun 8, 2018

RIP Anthony Bourdain

It is with great sadness that we morn the loss of Anthony Bourdain. It took me by shock and haven't really had a chance to express my sadness and the impact he's had on my life.

Being in a dark dark place in my life after leaving Spago and moving to Paris to pursue a career in Haute Couture ... my mom recommended the book Kitchen Confidential ... which, to this day, is the only book I've ever read. Being impatient, bored easily, dyslexic, and getting my information in other ways, I've always rejected reading ... to this day, and yet, his book was the only one I could relate to and actually stuck to the end (and enjoyed tremendously). It was real, fun, brutally honest, raw, funny, insightful, tender ... and it reminded me of all the things I loved about working in a professional kitchen and working with Chefs. He'd make me laugh outloud!

When I came back to the states, my mom admitted to me she was dying of cancer (which she had secretly fought for the past 10 years without me knowing) ... so for the last year and a half of her life, since it was just the two of us, we watched TV - all day ... between HGTV and the Food Channel .... (I can't remember now which channel his shows were on, but we watched them!) And his shows were our favorites because they were not just about food, they were about so much more. We felt connected to someone real, imperfect, someone we could relate to and that brought us insight, curiosity and laughter because he never apologized for who he was. We all have a story about our connection to Anthony Bourdain, and this was mine. After my mom passed in 2003, I kept watching the shows as if she was still with me, and maybe she was watching from the other side.

Thanks A.B. ... may your next life bring you happiness, joy, love and tenderness!