Humble Ceramics is WHOLESALE ONLY and does not sell online. Please contact one of our amazing retailers (scroll down and look on the RIGHT side of this blog for a full list) if you are interested in purchasing our work. Thank you!
!!! CHEFS !!!!
We are getting backed-up with orders - we need minimum 3 to 4 months lead time to fullfill your order (depending on the size).
Our process takes time!

Humble Ceramics on Instagram

Currently, we do not sell online.

At this time, Humble Ceramics is available to retailers, designers, hospitality and media only.

For new wholesale inquiries, please contact us at
or go to

All new store inquiries will be put on a waiting list

Production time is anywhere between 8 to 12 weeks
(possibly more) depending on the size of the order
or if we have to make your items from scratch,
unless you pick from shapes we keep in stock
at the time of the inquiry (bisque only) ...
and all we need to do is glaze to your color preference.
This timing does not include shipping.

Thank you for your patience and understanding ...
and watch Humble Ceramics grow - one piece at a time.

Thank you for being part of this artist' s growing "L.A. story".

To see Delphine's petites sculptures, please go to


Mar 9, 2016

Facebook? Not the real us!

We were just notified that a Humble Ceramics Facebook page was created in our name. That is not us, and we are located in South Central Los Angeles. If we are not listed, it is because we cannot handle walk-ins as we are not open to the general public and need to focus our time and energy on actually making and fulfilling orders. 

We are grateful for your passion and interest ... but please don't be fooled! We do not have a facebook page. 

At this moment in time, we are wholesalers only. Please check out the right side of this blog to look at the list of amazing retailers who carry some of our work.