Humble Ceramics does not sell online. Please contact one of our amazing retailers if you are interested in purchasing our work. Thank you!


September 2014

At this time
(this is temporary) Humble Ceramics is beyond full capacity and cannot accept any new store or private orders until mid 2015 - (if interested - you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted in chronological order once we are able to take on new relationships). If you are a local chef or restaurant, or if you are willing to come to Los Angeles to pick-up the merchandize, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting - as we do not have the time to ship currently.

Thank you for your patience and understanding ... and watch Humble Ceramics grow - one corked jar or cazuela at a time. Thank you for being part of this artist' s growing "L.A. story".

If you would like to visit Studio 58, please contact us via email and we can schedule a quick tour.


Sep 3, 2014


Humble Ceramics is looking for a fabulous intern. 
Are you 'the one' ? If so - follow the white rabbit!

Are you a fast learner?
Do you have a logical mind?
Are you grounded and focused?
Are you strong with a delicate touch?
Are you calm and mellow yet fast and efficient?
Are you willing to learn new tricks from an old monkey?
Can you do the same task for a few hours in a row?
Have you worked with clay before?
Do you know how to handle greenware,
bisque and glazed ware without breaking?
Can you use a wheel?
Can you trim?
Are you willing to wear a mask for a few hours in a row?
Can you use power tools?
Are you strong and healthy?
Do you have a problem-solving mind?
Do you take initiative?
Are you organized?
Do you have a mathematical mind?
Do you have the soul of an artist?
Can you work without talking for hours?
Can you take out the trash, break down boxes
and do a multitude of tasks without ego attached?
Do you want to see a ceramic start-up in the process of starting up?
Can you spare a day or more per week?
Are you willing to jump into the rabbit hole
and see where this adventure takes you?

If so - let's talk.
Let us know how you learned about Humble Ceramics
and why you would like to intern with us. 

Designed by t335

A few practical info:
This is an unpaid internship!
We are in South Central Los Angeles.
2.6 miles from USC.
If you take public transportation, get off at Slauson/Broadway
(you will be given the exact address when we talk).
Days available: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11-6 (pick your time slot).
Tasks will involve everything and anything it takes to run a studio like ours.

We can also use help with simple tasks such as sanding if that's all you are comfortable doing ...

Aug 25, 2014

Humble Ceramics - since Aug. 25, 2010

Today marks a very special date.  
August 25, 2010 was the very first day of my very first pottery class.  
Taken as a six-week social experiment (merci Julie!) ... 
I never imagined in a million years that what was just suppose to take a few week-ends 
completely took over my life, heart and soul!  
I never chose pottery: pottery chose me! 
And I made an incredible life-long friend in the process (JU!).

A few months later, after class number two, 
it was time to create a blog to show friends and family my humble creations.  
Picking a name was quite simple: 
how did I feel in relationship to the clay, in relationship to this experience? 
Humbled for sure.  
Clay has become one of my greatest life, spiritual, taoism and zen teacher!

Your interest, curiosity and support has been and continues to be incredible 
and is never taken for granted!

Gratitude is the word of the day! Everyday!!!

Thank you.


Check this incredible studio out and maybe you will find a new path you always dreamed of or never expected ...

Aug 10, 2014


Hello again and thank you for your continued interest in our evolution. 

Humble Ceramics recently moved from an outdoor home studio (aka "the deck") to an industrial space in South Central Los Angeles. The space is approximately 8000 sq ft. in a neighborhood bursting with life, street art and amazing artisans. We are sharing the space with the very talented Nonato Ceramics who makes beautiful hand-painted tiles (early and traditional Mexican, Spanish, Malibu and California style).

After taking 6 months longer than we expected ... we are still working on the organization, layout, flow of the space, and how to use our brand new kiln, making and developing new glazes, working on catching up to orders, etc ... We are still just two people: Delphine and my right-hand Nikita, with occasional help from the Nonato brothers (and very grateful for that!!!)

We would like to thank the growing list of stores and chefs worldwide that are being so patient - your place is on the waiting list. We have NOT forgotten about you! Time flies, but these things take time, and we want to do it right. Plus, we can only do so much in a single day. 

Mostly self-taught, everyday is a new discovery, a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow and learn something new ...

We do not have the funds right now to just hire the staff we need and are trying to grow accordingly while staying stable.  We are living an incredible adventure and your interest, support, and patience is very important to us.

If you would like to intern with us, please shoot us a line at

Also, we are now making our space available for photo-shoots (in case anyone is interested) ...

You can follow our adventures @

Thank you for your patience ... we are completely in awe of what is happening to us. 

To be continued!



Humble Ceramics is excited to announce we are now selling at the lovely TE'TER in San Diego.  Modern Organic Living ... my point exactly! Check them out:

5032 Niagara Avenue 
San Diego, CA 92107

Aug 8, 2014

HC plate spotted in RUE MAGAZINE


Thank you to Sarah Renard for using a Humble Ceramics plate in this stunning photo-shoot for Rue Magazine online. You can see all the pictures and get the delicious recipes here:

Jul 6, 2014

Jun 28, 2014

Jun 26, 2014

HC spotted in The NY Times


Congratulations to The Primary Essentials for being mentioned - once again - in the NY Times on June 24, 2014 ... and thank you for including jars by Humble Ceramics and spoons by Tim Roberts (in the background) in this lovely shot! Yeah for handcrafted, small batched and handmade objects in stores full of soul and exquisite taste like TPE!

Jun 15, 2014

HC spotted on INDAGARE

Humble Ceramics was spotted on the very hip member-centric travel website Indagare. Its Members have access to online editorial content, featuring staff-scouted destinations around the world, as well as to a boutique, in-house travel agency for the best travel itineraries and rates. Humble Ceramics met one of its editors while dropping off work at Farmshop in the Brentwood Country Mart ... and that's how HC came to be on Indagare's radar. Thank you team!

May 31, 2014

May 25, 2014

Exclusively for TURPAN - June 1, 2014


 And more ...

New pieces exclusively for TURPAN available starting June 1 ...

TURPAN @ Brentwood Country Mart
225 26th Street, Ste.9
Santa Monica, CA 90402

May 10, 2014

Pictures from Xiem Clay Center Ceramic Fair

Though you probably saw the pictures on Instagram ... these are just a few more of this past week-end at Pasadena's Xiem Clay Center. It was great to see all your lovely faces. Thank you for dropping by and making Xiem's sale another successful event. Enjoy your pieces!